»We’ve come to the irreversible decision, to render the Armenians harmless before the end of this war.«

— Talat Pasha, Minister of the Interior 1913-1917 and Grand Vizier 1917-1918 in the Ottoman Empire

»This job was done not only by Kurds, but in most cases by the gendarmes who accompanied the deportations, or even by […] former convicts who had been released for no other reason than to murder Armenians.«

— Leslie A. Davis, American consul in Harput 1914-17

»It is a fact that the Turks never thought of relocating the Armenians in another region. They knew that the overwhelming majority of these people would never reach the theoretical place of arrival.«

— Henry Morgenthau, American ambassador in Constantinople 1913-1916

»The Turkish government has tried, with intent, to bring about the destruction of the largest possible portion of the Armenian people by means borrowed from antiquity.«

— Walter Rößler, German consul in Aleppo 1910-1918

»Many Moslems, Turks and Arabs, disagreed with a shake of the head and could not hold their tears. They could not understand how their government could order such cruelty.«

— Martin Niepage, Teacher at the German school in Aleppo 1913-1916

»The real intent of the deportation was plunder and destruction.«

— Henry Morgenthau, American ambassador in Constantinople 1913-1916

»The decision of the Turkish government, to extend even further the operations to deport the Armenians, could not be justified by any military precaution. The aim was rather, as confirmed to me by Talat Pasha personally, to annihilate the Armenians.«

— Johann Mordtmann, German consul general in Constantinople 1915-1918

»The Turkish government has perpetrated this chaos willingly and with premeditation.«

— Walter Rößler, German consul in Aleppo 1910-1918

»Being an Armenian was enough to be treated like a delinquent and to be deported.«

— Oscar Heizer, American consul in Trapezunt 1915-17

»Our only objective was to keep Turkey on our side to the end of the war, no matter if the Armenians were exterminated or not.«

— Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg, German Imperial Chancellor 1909-1917

»The Turkish government, meanwhile, intended to annihilate the entire Armenian people.«

— Harry Stürmer, correspondent in Constantinople 1915-1917

»It was not a secret that the plan’s objective was the annihilation of the Armenian people.«

— Leslie A. Davis, American consul in Harput 1914-17

»The gendarmes riding with them told openly what they did to the poor people during the journey. To the question what is to become of them, they answered: “If no one else takes them and they don’t die by themselves, then we’ll have to kill them”.«

— Alma Johansson, Swedish missionary nurse in Mush 1901-1915

Henry Morgenthau, American ambassador: Let’s assume a few Armenians had actually betrayed you, would that be reason enough to expel an entire people? Does this excuse the fact that innocent women and children must die?
Talat Pasha: These things are inevitable!


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