About »Aghet – A Genocide«

AGHET [produced by NDR (German public television)], a new award-winning documentary made by German filmmaker Eric Friedler compellingly proves the truth of the genocide of the Armenian people. Using the actual words of 23 German, American and other nationals who witnessed the events, and armed with archival materials, AGHET expertly takes on the challenge that PM Erdogan hurled at the world by stating: »Prove it.«

AGHET incorporates never-before-seen footage and documents – making it one of the best researched and presented documentaries on the Armenian Genocide. More than just a historic retelling of the Genocide, the film also delves into the ongoing campaign of denial that the Turkish government has mounted since these events occurred in World War I.

AGHET was debuted on NDR in April, 2010. Friedler has assembled an impeccable cast, who bring to life the original texts of German and U.S. diplomatic dispatches and eyewitness accounts, interspersed with never-before-seen footage of the Genocide and its political aftermath. The film, applauded by Nobel Prize laureate Gunter Grass, has sparked renewed debate throughout Europe. It is now being showcased around the world on television, in major film festivals and has been seen by members of the U.S. Congress.

AGHET represents a significant contribution to political and cultural awareness not only for Armenians worldwide, but also more importantly for the non-Armenian world community.

Aghet – A Genocide (2009)

Director: Eric Friedler
TV production: NDR, Norddeutscher Rundfunk
Production country: Germany
Producer: Katharina M. Trebitsch, Silke Schütze
Music: Michael Klaukien, Andreas Lonardoni
First broadcast: 2010
Running time: 90min

Hermann Beyer

Samuel Finzi

Martina Gedeck

Sylvester Groth

Thomas Heinze

Hannah Herzsprung

Ecki Hoffmann

Sandra Hüller

Gottfried John

Burghart Klaußner

Joachim Król

Stefan Kurt

Peter Lohmeyer

Axel Milberg

Ralph Misske

Ulrich Noethen

Andreas Schmidt

Katharina Schüttler

Charlotte Schwab

Thomas Thieme

Friedrich von Thun

Ludwig Trepte

Hanns Zischler
Bethmann-Hollweg [German Imperial Chancellor 1909-1917]

Johannes Lepsius [German Protestant theologian, founder of the German-Armenian aid organization]

Alma Johansson [Swedish missionary nurse in Mush 1901-1915]

Martin Niepage [Teacher at the German school in Aleppo 1913-1916]

Oscar Heizer [American consul in Trapezunt 1915-17]

Tagouhi Antonian [Survivor of the Armenian Genocide, born 1900 in Bitlis]

Ernst Christophel [Head of a orphanage for handicapped and blind Armenian children in Malatia and Sivas 1916-1919]

Frau Atkinson [American missionary nurse in Harput 1902-1917]

General von Kressenstein [German General of the artillery, commander of the 1st Turkish expeditionary force 1915]

Jacob Künzler [Swiss deacon, doctor’s receptionist and relief worker in Urfa 1915-1917]

Graf Metternich [German ambassador in Constantinople 1915-1916]

Raphael Lemkin [Genocide scholar, jurist and founder of the UN Genocide Convention]

Wilhelm Litten [Employee at the German consulate in Tabriz 1914-1915]

Harry Stürmer [Correspondent in Constantinople 1915-1917]

Johann Mordtmann [German consul general in Constantinople 1915-1918]

Armin T. Wegner [German medical officer in the Ottoman army 1915-1916]

Samuel McClure [American publisher and correspondant]

Beatrice Rohner [Swiss nurse and refugee aid worker in Aleppo 1915-1917]

Karen Jeppe [Danish refugee aid worker and teacher in Urfa and Aleppo 1903-1935]

Walter Rößler [German consul in Aleppo 1914-1923]

Henry Morgenthau [American ambassador in Constantinople 1913-1916]

Hambardzoum Sahakian [Survivor of the Armenian Genocide, born 1898 in Sivas]

Leslie A. Davis [American consul in Harput 1914-17]


3 responses to “About »Aghet – A Genocide«

  1. To whom it may concern:

    Who was the Turkish ambassador giving the speech in the opening scene? Also, when was that United Nations speech? I’m making a presentation on the Armenian Genocide, and I want to cite the rest of the speech.

    Thank you

    • Hello Dylan,

      please write an email to ndr@ndr.de. They are the producers of the film and should be able to tell you the name of the Turkish politician giving the speech in the opening scene. If you mean the United Nations speech by Raphael Lemkin (Scene 1:17:49 min), this was in 1949. You can find more information about this speech here.

  2. Thank you so much, I emailed the producers with my question.


    Dylan Junkin

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